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No Border Hoppy Birthday Shaker card-C4C532 🐸

I’d like to start by apologizing for being MIA for the last week, I’ve been working on some pretty detailed cards, and I’m still working full time so my Craftroom time as been pretty limited. This is my last weekend of hosting the Crazy4Challenges blog, it was so much fun, I can’t believe we are almost done with April (where did it go 🤔) on with the challenge, so apparently, according to the days of the year calendar April 25th is save the frogs day so this weeks challenge is to make a card with a frog 🐸 on it. I also decided I needed to make a “No Border” (at least on the sides) shaker card 🤯

All the fun is in the reveal, to see this card in action please check out my FACEBOOK page, feel free to join if you would like to share your own crafty creations. You can also see a video of this card on my INSTAGRAM page.

To see the rest of the beautiful cards by the very talented design team please check this out C4C blog

So I really love the look of the “Borderless” shaker card, it totally falls into the category of “why didn’t I think of that 🤔”, I didn’t that credit goes to Olga Direktorenko and she has a really great video tutorial HERE, I do show photos of my progress, hopefully they help.

The inside mechanism was an after thought. I know it is really hard to see the spirals in the photos because they are clear, but the VIDEO tutorial from Karen Burniston shows it really well, it also shows how to change the legs on one of the frogs.

The cardstock, except the white, is from Stampin Up, the white textured cardstock and patterned paper are from my stash.

I decided to create a back ground using a cloud stencil and a brayer. I originally learned how to do brayer backgrounds when I was a Stampin Up demo, I was totally inspired by Michelle Zindorf, she does AMAZING brayered backgrounds. Mine is quite simple 👇🏻

Hoppy the frog was who I was planning this card around, he is very cute character design by Karen Burniston, he is no longer available but possible on eBay. Anyway I remember seeing a video years ago showing how to alter Hoppy to look like he was jumping so I tracked it down 😊 and then saw that this VIDEO also shows how to alter the Twist Circle Pop up to make a fun Swirly Popup 🤯 so I did that too.

Now to work on the Borderless shaker card front

Correction—- above I say there should be 1” on each end beside the last score line, there should be 7/8” of an inch. If you want more than the acetate will need to be longer than 7”, make sure there is a 5” square in the middle and 1/8” border beside the sides of the square, the ends can be as long as you want keeping in mind they will adhere to the back of the card.

Attaching the frog like I do below is a trick I learned by watching a Jennifer McGuire video a while back. She literally has hundreds of videos and was unable to find it. Hopefully my directions will do 👇🏻

Make sure that when adding the adhesive you try to not leave any gaps, you want to make sure that the shaker elements (sequins, glitter…..) can’t escape. The right side of the card is still open so that is how you will add your shaker elements.

👆🏻 I was lucky enough to find some realllllllly cheap manicure sequins and some kind of coloured flakes. Keep your eye out for such things as they make awesome shaker elements.

Now for the inside 😊, I apologize as it is really hard to take photos of acetate. If you notice below you will see how I took a bad situation (ripped mechanism) but continued to work thought it 😀 (I linked to the video tutorial above, it is very helpful)

If you watch Karen’s video you would have seen that her paper spirals are strong enough to hold the frog right on it, the acetate spirals are not that strong, I wanted the frog on there and I want him to move a little so I attached him with some Dimensionals and the fishing line to the actual card, so he appears that he is on the spiral without weighing it down.

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Or what about a monkey, everyone loves monkeys 🐒 Have your cake and ice cream too


Thanks for joining me! I am a paper crafting enthusiast who has a special interest in interactive cards. I get a lot of inspiration from the internet so I thought that I  would throw out my own creations with hope that it inspires someone else.

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