Flash Back Friday-Sesame Steet Punch art card

Wow, I was digging through my cards and I found this one, lol. I use to LOVE punchart. I remember checking blogs, and website trying to find new creations to CASE and even coming up with some of my own. I did not invent these guys, when I made this card I was seeing them everywhere, so I don’t know who the original person one who though a scalloped circle would make a cute Muppet head. lol.

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Happy Humming Bird Birthday card

I am so happy with how this card turned out. The hummingbirds are super cute and I like that they are a surprise when you open the card. The one hummingbird on the right actually goes up and down when the card opens and closed.


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Sailing Away Birthday Card ⛵️

Last month I had a card that demonstrated how to create an image with a silhouette stamp that didn’t look like I used a silhouette stamp, and today I am creating an image using a line stamp and making it look like a silhouette stamp, this particular card is a great masculine card.

To see last months Silhouette, not Silhouette card https://mymessycraftroom.me/2019/02/18/pink-black-eyed-susan-%f0%9f%8c%ba-birthday-card/

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Throwback Thursday- Punch art Sponge Bob card

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea………..  So this is a card that I made for my son, back in the day when Sponge Bob pretty much played on a loop at my house. It is not my original idea and back in the day (2010ish)  if you googled “Sponge Bob punch art card” you would find dozens of cards very similar to mine, but this is the version that I made.


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Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair…..

I am sooooooo excited about this card, it was requested by a friend for her niece who loves Rapunzel and pop-up storybooks and her Birthday Party colours will be pink and sparkles (Sparkles is a colour right?) so this card idea pretty much planned itself. It was a lot of work and there is a lot of detail so hopefully, I don’t miss anything in my directions.


to see other castle cards check this out  https://mymessycraftroom.me/2018/08/13/hogwarts/


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Black & Bright Accordion Card

Accordion cards are so fun to make and make an impressive card to give. This one was a 16th Birthday card that I made my daughter. That’s her cute little baby photo on the inside.


to see other cards with this accordion die set https://mymessycraftroom.me/2018/10/24/pink-gold-accordion-birthday-card/


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