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Touch of gold, Birthday Card

So apparently Craft Roulette is going to be a thing now lol. It is pretty fun, and a great way to come up with cards that you may not have. This week’s parameters were to 1- make an Easel card, 2- colours that you would find in a cornucopia, 3- rhyme with “ake” and 4- has to have something gold on it. So I have a slimline with an easel feature on one side, I used red, gold, yellow, and green. I have a slice of “cake”, I have a gold thread around the easel with a bow, and pulling double duty I have “Gold Flakes” used as confetti

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I wanted to make a bit of a different easel card, so I made a slimline card with easel on half.

1- I cut the card base (dimensions below) the yellow frame was cut using 2 dies from the Long Rectangles Crosshatch

2- the easel element (dimensions below)

3- adhere the easel element to the card base.

4- cut out three layers from the Labels Crosshatch and add to the Easel side making sure to only add adhesive to the bottom half. Other wise the easel won’t stand up properly

5- diecut pieces from the Big Birthday Charms (cake, balloons, streamers and bow), small rectangles from the Rectangles Crosshatch Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday Shadow. Add the pieces to the card base. The small rectangles need to be added with dimensional adhesive to pop it up a bit as it olds the easel up.

6- add gold thread to the balloons

7- to make the bow I wrapped the gold thread around the hair pic several times. Wrap a thread around the middle and tie a knot. I added a little bit of glue so the threads don’t shift.

8- I wrapped gold thread around the easel, then tied the bow to the wrapped thread. I found a container of gold flakes and added it to the card like confetti.


Fine Tip bottle

Lineco Neutral PH Adhesive 

Quick Stick Tool


Thanks for joining me! I am a paper crafting enthusiast who has a special interest in interactive cards. I get a lot of inspiration from the internet so I thought that I  would throw out my own creations with hope that it inspires someone else.

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