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Autumn Leaves Anniversary Card -C4C499

*The weekend has rolled around again so that means another Crazy 4 Challenges challenge. This weeks challenge is called “Cut up Stamping”, this means that after you stamp an image or a background you cut out a section of the image. Most of the examples that I have seen usually it is a strip that is cut out, but you can try cutting it anyway that works for you. I watched a Jennifer McGuire video months ago so I was kind of working off some tips that she suggested in that video. In a lot of the samples I have seen the images tended to be floral, I wanted to do something different so I opted to do some autumn trees, this is an anniversary card for a couple that I am very close to that has an autumn anniversary (and they don’t go on the internet EVER (besides Netflix)so it is safe to post. (if you are reading this and can guess who this couple is DON’T tell them about this card 😀)

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to see a video clip of this card please check out my Facebook page and feel free to join if you would like to share your crafty creations.

To see the Jennifer McGuire Tutorial

continue reading for all the fun details.

This was a card that I didn’t actually plan, the only thing I knew from the beginning was that I was going to stamp the Autumn trees, and that I was going to cut a strip out of them. The whole pop of feature on the inside was an afterthought, The front was completely done before I even considered what I was going to put on the inside. Then I thought it would be fun to mirror the outside, but using die cuts, sooooo away I went.

To make the pop-up mechanism I used Karen Burnistons Tree Pop up die set. All the cardstock, Inks and stamps are from Stampin Up and are Listed below in the details.

The stamping tool that I use is the Tim Holtz Stamping platform.

A benefit to using a Stamping tool is if you accidentally miss a part of the image you can restamp it, I had to do that with one of the trees, I actually stamped each tree twice to get them a nice dark colour.

The stamp set used is called “Sheltering Tree”

I used the 1 large multi leaf stamp from this set, so I had to offset the stamp everytime I used a different colour so all the colours would show, other wise they would have all been right on top of each other.

The Stamp set used for the greeting is called “Teeny Tiny Wishes”

I’m not sure why I kept typing in “Happy Birthday”, It’s “Happy Anniversary”

I used a Garden Green cloud edge and adhered it to the front of the trees to make it look like there were shrubs in front of the trees.

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Thanks for joining me! I am a paper crafting enthusiast who has a special interest in interactive cards. I get a lot of inspiration from the internet so I thought that I  would throw out my own creations with hope that it inspires someone else.

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