Who doesn’t love Harry Potter, well I know someone who really enjoyed his Hogwarts castle card, from the Dragon on the tower right down to the opening drawbridge (his sister really liked it too)  🙂


……. Today’s castle pop up card was made using the “Castle Pop-up” die from Karen Burniston. The tallest tower was used by combining two of the shorter towers together, for the rest of the assembly instructions please see this video  https://youtu.be/LQ51iVHRkS8   The characters were made by cutting and trimming and reassembling the pieces from the “Knight & Dragon” die set, and the “Princess & Mermaid” die set, both also from Karen Burniston. The sun is from Karen’s “Tropical Scenes” die set.

All the cardstock is from Stampin’ Up.

The front of the card is also a shaker card if you look through the words you can see glitter and stars, they are from my stache, they are probably dollar store finds 🙂


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