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Gold Christmas Slimline Card

This is a card I made for Christmas many years ago (before slimline cards were as popular as they are now), I made about 40 of them and sent them to family and friends, I found this one in a box of old cards so I thought I would share. I made it well before I started blogging so I don’t have photos of the process but I am describing it as best as I can.

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Golden Snowflake

I was going through some old photos and I came across this one. This is a card that I made years ago, back when you actually had to mail in your cards to Stampin’Up when you entered one of their challenges. I mailed this one off, I was sad to see it go as it was very pretty in person, and No I didn’t win the monthly challenge 😦



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Golden Accordion Christmas

There is something about Vanilla and Gold together that makes this card feel warm, or is it just me? This was a card I made for a coworker a few Christmas’s ago to give to his mother for Christmas. This was was a feel-good moment for me as I knew money was really tight for him that year so I decided to just give it to him, I really made his day as he was sure his mother would really enjoy the card, and he really wanted to give her something special.

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