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“Chillin Chihuahua”

Good day all, this card was a request, I had a lady who wanted me to make a card for her daughter. Usually, when I make a requested card I ask for a few ideas so I can make the card more personal. Well, this person requested a “yellow Birthday card, with yellow flowers, a yellow lawn chair, a tree with yellow flowers, a brown and black chihuahua, and the number 43 had to be on it, and white candles. I got everything but the white candles lol.  The Butterfly on the front is covering up a glue boo boo, (I wasn’t starting this card over because of a little glue.)


Today’s cards pop up feature uses Karen Burnistons ‘Adirondack Chair” die set.  Check out her website for details on this chair. Love, love, love, this die,  too cute. The tuffs of grass are from Karen’s Garden Bench set.

All the card stock is from Stampin’ Up, so are the stamps used to make the grass, tree, clouds, flowers (behind the chair, hard to see), and the 43. The word happy is Stampin’ Up die and the punches to make the clouds, the flower bushes (behind the chair), circles around the 43 and the butterfly are Stampin’ Up as well.

The word Birthday was cut out using a Scan n cut, the Chihuahua was a google image. I googled “Chihuahua colouring images”, sized it, printed it, then cut it out with my Scan N Cut. I coloured it in with my Chameleon alcohol markers.



Thanks for joining me! I am a paper crafting enthusiast who has a special interest in interactive cards. I get a lot of inspiration from the internet so I thought that I  would throw out my own creations with hope that it inspires someone else.

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