I lovvvvveeee this candle holder, it reminds me of home, it’s night very bright but it does give a nice soft relaxing light.

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This was pretty easy to make, the hardest part was getting the driftwood. My brother gathered it from a few beaches around our home town and my sister and family brought it with them when they came out for a visit.

I wish I had taken photos of the process but I made this a few years ago, first I searched through the driftwood that my brother sent and I picked out the nice pieces that were all about 11 inches long. I had a cylindrical vase the was 10″ tall by 4 1/2″ across that I bought cheap because it had a chip on the top (which you can’t see when complete). I used hot glue to glue all the pieces of driftwood around the vase. I was worried that when the glass got warm when a candle is lit that it would warm up the glue and the driftwood wall fall off so I made sure that it was all secure and that the Twill ribbon that I used to make the bow was on nice and snug so if the glue warmed up, the ribbon would keep the driftwood from falling off.

The bow is actually a “Faux Bow”. I wrapped a piece of the twill ribbon around the driftwood and secured the 2 ends together. Then I took a second piece and made a big loop, I used a small piece of the ribbon to wrap around the middle of the loop to make it look like a bow, then I cut two tails for the bow and adhered it all to the original ribbon that is wrapped around the vase.


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