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October Designer Challenge- Fall Garden Bench card

Yay, its that time again, it’s the Karen Burniston October Designer challenge, and this month’s challenge is to make either a Halloween card or a Fall-themed card and I went with a fall-themed card. I have a co-worker who needed an anniversary card, and he also was requesting a card with fall colours, there was also talk of there possibly being a wooden bench swing for a gift so I challenged myself to make the Karen Buriston Garden Bench popup into a swing, and the results turned out better than I thought it would.

Supplies are listed at the bottom

All the fun is in the reveal, to see this card in action please check out my FACEBOOK page, feel free to join if you would like to share your own crafty creations. You can also see a video of this card on my INSTAGRAM page.

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Lets Hang out

Who doesn’t love monkeys, and these cheeky monkeys make a really cute card. When I made the Pushing Up Daisies card, I thought the mechanism was so fun that I had to do another, but I wanted to do something other than flowers sooooo I thought a swinging monkey would be adorable. Again I have to give credit to Laura Dovalo as if it were not for her Video this card wouldn’t have came to be, and this card makes me happy.

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