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Silhouette ThankYou cards

So, I was requested to make three Tae Kwon Doe themed thank you cards, I had actually been asked quite a while back, but life got hectic, and then (as mentioned in a previous post) I had to deal with a pinched nerve (three weeks and I still have numb fingers ☹️) anyway I had to have the cards ready by last Thursday and I needed to figure out how to make 3 cards in a night with limited use of my left hand. I decided to use my Scan N Cut to cut out Silhouettes and these are what I came up (bonus this card design actually yielded 6 cards)

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So I started things off by printing some Tae Kwon Doe Silhouette images that I found through a google search and scanned them into my Scan n Cut. One of the images I cut out twice from white paper and twice from black, one of the images I cut out once from white and once out of black. I cut the cardstock with the cutouts down to 5″ squares.img_3985

I cut out the coloured cardstock to be 5 1/4″ squares. The colours are Real Red, Brilliant Blue, Garden Green and Crushed Curry, I choose these colours as after white belt the coloured belts are yellow, green, blue, red then black (I know a thing or 2 about our local TKD school🥋)

Next, I cut wide strips of double-sided adhesive and ran it across the back of the white and black squares.


Then I popped in the opposite colour (white into black, and black into white, then added them to the coloured squares, trying to centre them as well as I could.


I cut the card bases to be 5 1/2″ squares out of Basic Black cardstock and I mounted the card front to all the card bases.

Back to the scan N cut, I loaded it up with all four of the coloured cardstock and cut “Thank you” for each card.



I did the insides a little different on each card, I added white squares and either a coloured strip or triangle.

And yes I noticed (after the fact) that one of the tkd belts is in an awkward place 😳

The nice thing about this design is the colours can be changed to match any theme and silhouettes can be searched for most sports and dances among other things.



Thanks for joining me! I am a paper crafting enthusiast who has a special interest in interactive cards. I get a lot of inspiration from the internet so I thought that I  would throw out my own creations with hope that it inspires someone else.

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