So, I was requested to make three Tae Kwon Doe themed thank you cards, I had actually been asked quite a while back, but life got hectic, and then (as mentioned in a previous post) I had to deal with a pinched nerve (three weeks and I still have numb fingers ☹️) anyway I had to have the cards ready by last Thursday and I needed to figure out how to make 3 cards in a night with limited use of my left hand. I decided to use my Scan N Cut to cut out Silhouettes and these are what I came up (bonus this card design actually yielded 6 cards)

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So I started things off by printing some Tae Kwon Doe Silhouette images that I found through a google search and scanned them into my Scan n Cut. One of the images I cut out twice from white paper and twice from black, one of the images I cut out once from white and once out of black. I cut the cardstock with the cutouts down to 5″ squares.img_3985

I cut out the coloured cardstock to be 5 1/4″ squares. The colours are Real Red, Brilliant Blue, Garden Green and Crushed Curry, I choose these colours as after white belt the coloured belts are yellow, green, blue, red then black (I know a thing or 2 about our local TKD school🥋)

Next, I cut wide strips of double-sided adhesive and ran it across the back of the white and black squares.


Then I popped in the opposite colour (white into black, and black into white, then added them to the coloured squares, trying to centre them as well as I could.


I cut the card bases to be 5 1/2″ squares out of Basic Black cardstock and I mounted the card front to all the card bases.

Back to the scan N cut, I loaded it up with all four of the coloured cardstock and cut “Thank you” for each card.



I did the insides a little different on each card, I added white squares and either a coloured strip or triangle.

And yes I noticed (after the fact) that one of the tkd belts is in an awkward place 😳

The nice thing about this design is the colours can be changed to match any theme and silhouettes can be searched for most sports and dances among other things.


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