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“Nothin but Net”🏀

Too funny, I’ve never needed a basketball card before and then I needed 2 in one week and of course I couldn’t make the same one twice. Actually, I had already planned this card for my son’s friend but his birthday was after my daughter’s friend so I came up with a different CARD for him and kept my original plan this card. It’s hard to see in the photos but the basketball arm moves up and down and the basketball also spins. I will have a video posted on my Facebook at My Messy Craftroom

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To make the mechanism for this card I used Karen Burnistons Spinner Square Pop up die set and followed these video directions to make the card. I have photos showing my progression but it is pretty hard to explain how to make the mechanism with just pictures and words, I highly recommend watching the video.

I used Ridinghood Red cardstock for the base, it was cut to 4 1/4″ x 11″ scored at 5 1/2″

I went digging through my crazy stash of paper and found this red distressed looking paper and cut out 2 @ 4″ x 5 1/4″ (I’m fairly sure it came from Costco)

as per Karen’s video, I only glued down one panel. and partially glued down the other, to leave room for a window.

I left a one-inch gap and cut a square out of the left side panel with the Stitched square from the die set.

I added a piece of acetate for the window and adhered the rest of the paper down

Voila, a window 🙂

I cut the pieces for the mechanism out of the Riding Hood Red cardstock, I assembled it and added it to the card as per the video directions above.

I cut out a frame using the 2 biggest squares with the same paper that I used on the inside. I glued the frame around the window on the front of the card.

I started making the basketball net but taking some mesh from a mesh marble bag, I cut it into a large rectangle and sandwiched one side between 2 pieces of Brushed Silver cardstock, it is roughly 5 inches long. I pinched it together while the glue dried.

While the glue was drying I started making the basketball, I cut out 2 circles out of Really Rust (retired SU colour) and embossed and sponged matching ink on one. I wanted the ball to have a little bit of weight so I adhered both circles together.


this next part took a little trial and error, I will do my best to omit the parts that didn’t work. I cut 2 pieces of acetate with the rectangle arm from the die set, I punched a small circle (roughly 1/2″) through both of them,

and glued them together.

While that glue was drying I started making the backboard for my net. I used the squares from the die set and White cardstock and Riding hood Red cardstock. I took a black marker and darkened the edges of the white square.

once the net was dry I made it into a hoop, glued the edges together and clamped it until it dried. I know the net is really long, I didn’t want to cut it until I added it into the card.

a little more trial and error, I added the ball the clear arm and I trimmed the corners of the arm so they would not peek out passed the ball. I used a Stampin dimensional on the back of the ball, through the hole and attached it to a smaller circle. I was going to add a coin for weight as I want the ball to spin, but it was too heavy for the mechanism.

once the glue for the hoop was dry I added it to the backboard, glued and clamped.


The red arm for the mechanism was a little too long so I trimmed it a little off, about an inch.

I tentatively added the clear arm with the basketball to the red arm.

I added the basketball net to the bottom right of the inside of the card. I noticed that the basketball wasn’t moving like I wanted it and it was catching on the net, so I glued a nickel to the bottom of the mechanism to counterbalance the mechanism and it added enough weight that it lifted the right side so the ball would clear the net and not catch.


I cut “Happy Birthday” out three times out of the red paper, and stacked them one on top of each other.

I glued the Happy Birthday to a white square cut from the second largest square from the set.

I dug out some itty bitty silver and gold star sequins. and decorated the square.

I added the square to the center of the large red square that is on top of the mechanism.


My bad, I didn’t get the proper measurements, the band that I used to make the shaker box was 4 1/4″ long and slightly wider than the rectangle that is used to make the arm for the mechanism. I centered it in the middle of the strip and cut. once cut I added a clear piece of acetate to the back side.


I braced the card as shown because the card does not sit flat enough to add the shaker element to the front otherwise.


I sprinkled some of the stars across where I wanted the shaker element to be.

I carefully added glue to the back of the frame,


Then I carefully placed it over the stars.


I realized that I forgot to add the black lines onto the basketball so I used the circle die as a stencil and carefully did it while the ball was attached,

after I went through the trouble of adding the lines I still wasn’t happy with how the ball was moving on the arm, soooooo I pulled the basketball off and carefully with small scissors cut the hole a little longer.

and I reattached the basketball, I used 2 dimensionals to give it more space to turn.

From the bottom looking up, this is what the mechanisms look like

Here are some extra pics

To see other cards using this die set check these out

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Thanks for joining me! I am a paper crafting enthusiast who has a special interest in interactive cards. I get a lot of inspiration from the internet so I thought that I  would throw out my own creations with hope that it inspires someone else.

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